Schools’ Mutual

Working together to protect our schools.

Through a detailed understanding of the sector, we can offer outstanding cover and risk management to suit you and your school’s needs.

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    The Mutual

    The Independent Schools’ Mutual is an alternative to existing commercial insurance products and services, designed specifically for independent schools.


    The Mutual will offer a wide range of cover, providing a ‘one-stop shop’. As a Member of the Mutual you will have the opportunity to influence the design of products to meet your needs.


    The Mutual will meet mutual trading tax requirements and so will not pay corporation tax on future mutual trading surpluses. Cost efficiency is the Mutual’s aim and this drives long term pricing stability.


    Shared risk management, an overview of Members’ collective claims history and greater control over the claims process all help to reduce the incidence and cost of claims.


    Mutuals aren’t a new idea; they have been around for hundreds of years. Whilst the concept is steeped in history, it’s more relevant today than it’s ever been. Hybrid discretionary mutuals are a tried and tested model.


    Schools are at the heart of the Mutual. The understanding and insight of school operations and risk needs provided by the Managers, the Board and the membership creates a strong partnership.


    Any mutual trading surplus belong to the Members of the Mutual and must be used for the benefit of Members or as the Members may agree.

    Types of cover

    The Mutual will offer a wide range of cover, at least the equivalent of that provided by existing insurers.


    Employers’ Liability

    Public and Products Liability


    Professional Indemnity

    Occasional Business Use


    Annual Travel

    Property Owners

    Business Interruption


    Management Liability


    Legal Expenses

    Pupil Insurance Schemes


    The Mutual will give its Members control over its protection. Transparency of data and claims handling will enable the Board to make informed decisions about the strategy of the Mutual and will allow for greater insight into the risk profile of the sector.

    Ralph ArundelHarrow School

    The Board intends that Independent Schools’ Mutual will aim to offer cost effective cover. It will match or surpass the breadth of cover and benefits available currently and ensure there is full-service support for advice and claims. The ISM will be owned by the schools who are its members and operated for their benefit, it is an exciting new initiative to help schools manage their costs and risks.

    David RussellHarper Trust

    The understanding of school operations is at the heart of the Mutual. The Mutual aims to create a strong partnership with its Members and give greater insight into the protection and risk management requirements of schools.

    Rod CookQueen Elizabeth's Hospital School

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